Rimetplast with polyethylene ( PE ) , compatible to nature for contact with food , makes cutting boards , workbenches , strains butcher , plus many other accessories used in processing of food products.

Also with his semi in stock in all sizes and thicknesses up to 100 mm has become a benchmark for the field of large-scale distribution , supplies for restaurants, canteens , consortia and the construction of large plants for processing meat.




Rimetplast is the leading distributor of semi-finished products used in the footwear , leather processing and synthetic fabrics in general .

We have shearing strains polypropylene copolymer pressed in natural, red and green 50 mm thick in all widely used formats (900x450mm / 1000x500mm / 1200x500mm / 1600x500mm / 2000x750mm / 1600x400mm / 750x350mm).

Also available sheets for cutting by hand 5 mm such as PVC Rigid “light green “ , natural polypropylene sheets and pressed PVC white / black / white. The Teflon-coated fabric, a web of fiberglass coated with Teflon rollers in PA6 strip curtains complement our product range in this area.




All of our semi-finished products are widely used in mechanical engineering and specialized in mechanical engineering in general.

The speed of delivery and quality control of the service are watchwords in our daily lives, thanks to the wide availability warehouse by more standard polymers (PVC, PE, PP, PA6, POM) to the more complex ones such as PTFE, PEEK, PEI, PSU, PC


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