Epoxy resin

Epoxy resins are thermosetting polymers obtained from monomers which contain the epoxide ring to three atoms. Epoxy resins have superior physical characteristics and
reaction times shorter than the polyesters and vinyl esters and, therefore, are the most valuable.

The rigidity and the heat resistance of these resins is superior because of their molecular structure, during its machining fact Epoxy Resin is mixed with hardeners.
This class of resins is most used for the realization of advanced composite materials, obtained by the combination of the resin with the fibers. Epoxy resins are glassy at ambient temperature
and are then mixed with diluents to lower the viscosity to levels adequate for the impregnation of the fibers.

Techincal details:
Raw Material Epoxy Resin; Color natural (other colors on request).

Specific gravity: 1.20.

– Recovery of deteriorated beams.
– Consolidation floors.
– Consolidation of complex architectural structures.
– Restore mobile.

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