Phenolic resin [BAKELITE]

The Bakelite is the name given to a thermosetting phenolic resin obtained from phenol and formaldehyde. Bakelite has insulating power plants that have made it widely
used in electro elements, electrical switches, electrical outlets, handles of pots and pans, etc. to radio equipment. It is considered one of the best synthetic plastics produced and

Techincal details:
Raw material Phenolic Resin; Color natural and black (other colors on request).

Specific gravity: 1.35

Hot pressing, you get objects with the physical, mechanical, electrical more different, which determine the use. Are for example obtained in this way the telephone devices, the synthetic bowls, and the tips of some types of billiard cues, dashboards of automobiles, many protective parts of electrical appliances, in jewelery to mimic various precious elements (including the ivory and amber) etc…

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