Polypropylene [PP]

Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material similar to the EP, however, it is more resistant, rigid and melts at a higher temperature. It possesses high characteristics of resistance to chemical agents, is weldable and is normally used at temperatures between +5°C and +90°C.

Being nonpolar, it is very chemically resistant: up to 120°C retains its strength characteristics in the presence of aqueous solutions containing salts, acids and strong alkalis. Compared to the engineering plastics, however, poor mechanical strength: tensile, bending, compression, abrasion etc…

Compared to PE is more rigid but less resistant to shocks. The PP is widely used in the production of components for the chemical, petrochemical and electroplating.

Techincal details:
Raw material Polypropylene (PP) ; Color natural, red, grey, multicolor.

Specific gravity: 0.92

The Polypropylene is used for the manufacture of :
– Tanks and Containers.
– Components in contact with acids.
– Parts of pumps.
– Holders for brushes.
– Rings and flanges.

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