The fluorinated polymers, commonly known as Teflon, are able to provide outstanding performance, which justify a higher cost. They are used in complex conditions, for example in
chemically aggressive environments or in the presence of considerable temperatures.  The main characteristic of the fluorinated polymers is the powerful stability of the molecules able to withstand extreme conditions.

Other properties are the non-stick and low friction coefficient. The elongation at break greater than 100%. The withdrawal following the machining is high. For dimensional control of manufactured PTFE must use appropriate techniques according to the nature of the product. The existence of the transition point around 20°C makes it necessary to adopt particular measures in case of strict tolerance limits; in these cases will be appropriate procedures periodic control.

The PTFE has excellent quality even dielectric to varying of temperatures and frequencies. Since the absorption of water close to 0, its characteristics are maintained even under adverse weather conditions. The properties of the PTFE can be further improved with the addition of specific and special additives.

Techincal details:
Raw material polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); Standard color white, black, brown (other colors on request).

Specific gravity: 2.20

Production of gaskets subject to static and dynamic stresses, pistons and other parts of machines, coatings and liners and gears made from such semi-finished tubes, hollow bars, solid
round bars and plates.

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