Arnite [PET]

PET is a semi-crystalline nylon reinforced polyester thermal dimensional stability similar at acetal resin and with a wear resistance worthy of Nylon. Suitable for use for precision mechanical parts subjected to great loads and in abrasive environments. PET can work under constant temperatures of about 100°C, and its melting point is almost 70°C highest of acetal resin.

Here are some key features of this material:
– Excellent dimensional stability.
– High mechanical strength, hardness, stiffness.
– Very good color stability.
– Excellent wear resistance.
– Good sliding properties.
– Low water absorption.
– Low thermal expansion.
– Good electrical insulation properties.
– Excellent stain.
– Suitable for contact with food.
– Extreme hardness.
– Low impact resistance.

Techincal details:
Polietilenetereteflalato raw material (PET); Standard color white, black, blue (other colors on request).

Specific gravity: 1.39

Sprockets, bearings, gear, cams, spindles, collectors, power piston pump, valves and valve bodies, tracks, electrical insulators, augers, fuel pump components, connectors and
rotors food system etc.


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