Polyethylene [PE]

The characteristics of polyethylene are its high resistance to chemical agents, acids, alkalis, alcohol, benzene, salt solutions, the low water absorption and good electrical properties.
It is usually used within the temperature in centigrade, 40°C and 80°C. By the 60°C, the EP is ‘insoluble in any organic solvent.

It is permitted to use some types of high density PE for containers of fuel oils and fuel tanks. PE is odorless and tasteless, it is perfectly suitable for use in food contact. The PE is very easily weldable, however, it can bring problems in the gluing and decorations.

Surfaces of PE can be printed, painted or glued using rollanti only after prior oxidation plasma or glow discharge, oxidising flame, ozone or in chromic acid. It’s necessary to pay attention
during the process so that the PE does not overheat.

Techincal details:
Raw material High density Polyethylene (HDPE); Standard color white, black, green, red, dark red, blue and yellow.

Specific gravity: 0.95

– Food industry and confectionery: with polyethylene (PE), compatible to nature for contact with food, RP makes cutting boards, workbenches, strains butcher, many more accessories
are used in processing of food products.

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