Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic material obtained from vinyl monomers and is one of the plastic materials of higher consumption in the world. It is inert to most acids, alcohols, salts, paraffinic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is not recommended the use in the transport of polar organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents and aromatic. It can take the form of film or liquid, to be spread on tissue or surface coating, tanks, valves, taps, baths or artificial textile fibers.

The PVC is resistant to combustion, has high strength and high elasticity, it is a good electrical insulator and absorbs little water. You can weld it and paste it. It should be used with temperatures
between – 10°C and 60°C. This material has the particular feature of isolating from gases and liquids. Products made with polyvinyl chloride can last more than a century.

Rigid PVC is physiologically inert. The possibility to use the products in the alimentary sector depends on the type of stabilization.

Techincal details:
Raw material polyvinyl chloride (PVC); Standard color white, black, grey and red (other colors on request).

Specific gravity: 1.42

Mechanical, chemical, electrical, construction of industrial tanks, hoods, scrubbers, gears, pressure pipes for water and chemicals, pipes and drainage, and general plant for the
purification of waste water. Insulation for medical packaging.

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